June Events!

Here’s our Summer Event Schedule so far:

Saturday 6/9, 7pm Death by Chocolate & Analog Apostles–Two new Lexington Bands will converge on the Gathering Place, with The Analogue Apostles, bringing a melodic and dark pop rock sound that combines somber symphonies with pounding anthems, and Death by Chocolate’s honky tonk funk. Also, the Truffle Diva is going to stop by and bring her latest creation, the Death by Chocolate Truffle.  We are beyond excited.    [$5 cover]

Saturday 6/15, 7pm  Approaching the Unreal–a violin & guitar act will join us from Berea, KY    [$5 cover]

Saturday 6/27, 7pm  Ska Nite!–Quite possibly the largest ska event to hit Lexington (ever). Lexington band The Rough Customers will be joined by All Over the Place (Berea, OH) and Squirt Gun Warriors (Baton Rouge, LA) for a night of ska-liciousness. We are still looking for a local young punk, ska, rock band to open for them. If you’re interested shoot us an email: natalie@lexingtonrescue.org [$5 cover]

Saturday 7/7, noon-6pm  Bazaar One Year Celebration! It’s been one year since our grand opening, and we’re planning to celebrate with sidewalk chalk murals, a Thrift Store fashion show, a sidewalk sale, and of course, live music throughout the day. Join us to celebrate creativity in Lexington, see what’s been done this year, and find out how you can get involved at the Bazaar & Gathering Place. [free!]


Seasonal Shmeasonal.

If you haven’t been to visit the Bazaar in awhile, you need to come by & check it out.  We have some ridiculously great new vintage–I’ll post some pictures later this week.  FoxHouse and Finding  Freedom through Friendship brought new scarves the other day as well.  They may not be perfectly seasonal with summer just around the corner, but they’re so gorgeous, we don’t even care!


Thanks to donations from Joan, an incredibly generous volunteer, the Bazaar is looking better than ever.  She went out & bought some much needed display items for our merchandise, along with some new jewelry that Natalie and I found irresistable.

(Thank God for Joan.)