Seasonal Shmeasonal.

If you haven’t been to visit the Bazaar in awhile, you need to come by & check it out.  We have some ridiculously great new vintage–I’ll post some pictures later this week.  FoxHouse and Finding  Freedom through Friendship brought new scarves the other day as well.  They may not be perfectly seasonal with summer just around the corner, but they’re so gorgeous, we don’t even care!



Thanks to donations from Joan, an incredibly generous volunteer, the Bazaar is looking better than ever.  She went out & bought some much needed display items for our merchandise, along with some new jewelry that Natalie and I found irresistable.

(Thank God for Joan.)

Journal Workshop Take 2

Our first Journal Workshop making Recycled Journals was completely great.  After Jamie got us started with ideas and supplies, everyone went straight to work.  No one could believe two hours had passed when 5:00 came.  I’m looking forward to the second part of our series this Sunday, 3-5pm.  We’ll learn to bind our own journals using the historic long stitch!

Anything Goes 4/22

No Rules Journal-Making!

New to the Bazaar!

We love adding new artists and artisans to the Bazaar. Check out the work of our newest members, Ruby Red Scissors and Jennifer Heersche: