The Bazaar is always taking applications from local artisans or groups who want to add new items to the space.  If you or someone you know makes great stuff–send them our way!

We’re also looking for some design-minded people to help us brainstorm and implement creative displays and interesting arrangements.  Contact us with your ideas!  The space is constantly in flux and we want to hear your feedback.The possibilities are… I won’t say endless–but many.


3 thoughts on “Bazaar

  1. Greetings! I attend Lexington Friends Meeting (“Quakers”) and several folks there and elsewhere (like Christian and Tanya Torp) have suggested I contact you. I am disabled and had to move into an apt. here in Lexington last Summer for health related problems. One of my degrees is in Fashion Design and Clothing Construction. I want to get back into designing and sewing interesting garments and accessories for sale. I also make rag rugs using an ancient method called nalbindng, and do watercolors.

    I have a friend from Quaker Meeting, Genevieve King, who is also disabled, and she makes awesome jewelry, and she’s looking for a place to sell her works as well. We went looking for your shop a couple of weeks ago, but couldn’t find it, but now I’ve got the directions. I hope we can pop in tomorrow.

    peace & blessings,

  2. Oooops, I forgot to mention, when I was getting my degree in Fashion Design, I did have to take a Visual Marketing class where we learned how to do displays. I’d love to volunteer to help you in that regard.

    peace & blessings,

  3. Thanks, bets! We appreciate so much your willingness to help! Looking forward to the addition of your seeing the Bazaar soon!

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